Parking at the Georgia Dome For an Atlanta Falcons Game

The home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons is the the third-largest domed structure in the world. Whether it is to see the Georgia State Panthers, or to cheer the Falcons to a swift victory, visitors who set foot into the mammoth coliseum never forget its massive diamond-patterned, cable-supported roof which is still the largest of its kind in the world today. Paying a visit to the stadium sometime soon would be wise, as there are talks in the works about building a new dome with a retractable roof, and demolishing the famous Georgia Dome.

The first challenge visitors to the Georgia Dome will face is finding a parking space. Parking at all NFL stadiums is hard, but parking at the Georgia Dome for an Atlanta Falcons game is particularly difficult. Local fans are encouraged to take the MARTA to the game, and leave the car behind. Get off at the Dome/Philips Arena stop or the Vine City stop, and the dome is only a walk away. Commuters might want o consider parking at one of the local MARTA stations for free, and hopping aboard as well. The fare is $2.50 one way.

Fans who are dead-set in their decision find a parking space should arrive early, very early. While Atlanta does not get the tailgating reputation that Green Bay or Chicago has, fans start piling into downtown lots with grills and coolers six hours before the game. There is some parking nearby the stadium for twenty dollars or more, but expect a bit of a traffic showdown if you arrive any later than two hours prior to kickoff. If you are a particularly stressed out individual, make it three just to play it safe. Smaller lots are loosely scattered around the stadium area, and they will typically charge between thirty and fifty dollars for parking.

The good news it that there are plenty of places for tailgaters to kickback and enjoy some pre-game fun. The Georgia Dome encourages festivities at the Yellow Lot or Lot A, also known as the Gulch. The Yellow Lot is much larger than The Gulch, and the tailgating scene is typically more crowded. The Gulch is better for smaller tailgating fans, but is equally as fun. The Dome will usually hold an event or festivity for tailgaters at The Gulch. Both lots open four hours prior to kickoff, but parking operates on a first-come first-serve basis. If you have to park elsewhere, consider heading over anyway, and making a few friends.

After reading more detailed information about the Georgia Dome, you can better plan your parking strategy. As long as you have some idea of what you might be in for on game day, you won’t find any surprises during your parking search. Arrive early, consider taking the MARTA to save some money, head over to the Yellow Lot or the Gulch for some tailgating fun, and remember to keep your temper in check. There will be plenty of time for shouting once the Falcons run out onto the field, beneath the world famous Georgia Dome.

This article was written by Dominick Sorrentino. Dominick is a professional writer based in Honolulu, Hawaii and can be contacted through Google+.

The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia

If you enjoy sports, and find yourself in the vicinity of Atlanta, Georgia, do yourself the ultimate favor and attend an event at the Georgia Dome. The Dome is home to the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. Watching a Falcons game is more than enough reason to purchase football tickets, but there are other events held in the facility that will also catch your eye. The Georgia State University Panthers apply their football bumps and runs at the stadium in addition to a host of other football, basketball, soccer, and wrestling tournaments and championships. Also, don’t forget the annual December 31st Chick-fil-A-Bowl (formerly named the Peach Bowl), a well-known rivalry football game between the Southeastern Conference and the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Georgia Dome is located in downtown Atlanta, adjacent to the NW corner of downtown, next to the Georgia World Congress Center. Yes, you can drive to One Georgia Dome Drive, but the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has made it convenient to get there with two stations near the Dome. Getting to the Dome: . The Dome offers ample parking (see additional options below), with the tailgate party crowd allowed a five hour head-start prior to Falcon games.

Did you know that the Dome has the honor of having the largest cable-supported fabric roof in the world? It utilizes a Teflon-coated Fiberglas fabric, stretched in diamond- and triangle-shaped patterns 29 stories high.

Foodies will never run out of delights as the options rival those of a thriving city. Scratching the surface finds a wide variety of venues offering burgers, steaks, BBQ, pizza, Mexican, chili, funnel cakes, pasta, and wine and specialty beers and cocktails, alongside tantalizing array of sweets. Bottomless Souvenir Popcorn, and Soda, are favorites not to overlook. Did I mention vegetarian and gluten free?

A current schedule of events can be found at . In the exciting realm of football, whether National Football League or college, this season will easily keep your interests piqued. The Atlanta Falcons already have an enticing lineup of foes to topple, as do the GSU Panthers. The December 7th Southeastern Conference (SEC) football championship will find the epitome of southeastern colleges pitted against one another.

If your intellect is teased by knowing additional details about places you visit, here are some of the highlights. The Georgia Dome opened in 1992. In 2002, it came under the ownership of Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank. Filled to the brim, you will find 71,250 fans. Premium seating include the penthouse, 8 super suites, 164 executive suites, and 4,600 club seats. In 1994, it hosted Super Bowl XXVIII, and in 2000 Super Bowl XXXIV—feathers in their cap supporting the Dome’s magic. On a side yet comforting, note, if you have memories of waiting in long restroom lines at other parks, know that the Dome has three times the number of required facilities.

The Atlanta Falcons? They have a solid bank of fans lining the bleachers (which, by the way, is key in a decision to build a new stadium—possibly called the New Falcons Stadium—just south of the Georgia Dome; groundbreaking due in 2014, with completion in 2017). They won division championships 1980, 1988, 2004, 2010, and 2012. Their claim to the Super Bowl took place in 1998′s Super Bowl XXXIII. Their spring training grounds are about 40 miles northeast of Atlanta, close to Lake Lanier and the Chattahoochee River by the city of Flowery Branch. If the rumor mill feeds your spirit, check out at .

If you have an interest in touring the Dome, outside of watching an event, you will have the enjoyment of experiencing an inside view of the press box, observatory deck, suites (for presidents, CEOs, and celebrities), locker rooms, field, lower level, and Verizon Wireless Club Lounges. You will have a different experience when you subsequently watch events at the Dome (or any other large sporting venue for that matter). Tours for individuals occur most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., while group tours occur Monday through Saturday—$4 per person in either case. These tours are not available during events or during a small number of blocked-out dates. For additional details, check , or call 404-223-8687. While in the area, you can also take in a tour of the nearby CNN facility.

Ticket and parking prices? Let’s face it, the cost of going to a stadium game (any major sporting event, really) has gone up in recent decades, but the return-on-investment (Falcon tickets $55-180) does not seem to phase the sports enthusiast who can readily justify the expense. The entertainment value runs high. Parking can easily range from $20, with lower cost options if you don’t mind the walk— and offer rates in the $8 and $10 range, give or take.

In short, spending the day at the stadium is always a memorable event. Smiles are evident in the memories of fans rooting for their favorites, of the delightful hot dog and popcorn aromas, the memorable gains and losses throughout the game. Don’t wait!